7 beautiful bathrooms in Lexington, KY

Excuse yourself from the table and bask in the beautiful glow of Lexington’s picture-worthy potties.

A woman in a wedding dress with a colorful, floral backdrop.

Clerestory’s bathroom gives us major jungle vibes. | Photo by @happycamperfilms

Using a public restroom is not at the top of everyone’s list. But these local businesses — from restaurants + shops to event venues — will make you want to sit for a spell.

Clerestory at Greyline, 101 W. Loudon Ave.
What we love: The bold florals on this jungle-themed wallpaper are beautiful enough for bathroom bridal portraits.

Epping’s on Eastside, 264 Walton Ave.
What we love: This is the bathroom that sparked the idea for this whole conversation. Not only do we love the tiny toilet in the family restroom, but the smaller spot under the stairs has white brick, unique agate wall tile, and a bubble light fixture to tie it all in.

21c Museum Hotel, 167 W. Main St.
What we love: From the lobby, head down the spiral staircase to the right. By hitting the button on the mirror, you’ll “call the mirror” in the neighboring bathroom to share a friendly wave. Best enjoyed with friends.

Jeff Ruby’s, 101 W. Vine St.
What we love: Just as upscale as the restaurant itself, the restroom has eye-catching white + gold decor — a common spot for bathroom selfies showing off guests’ fancy fits.

A bathroom with fish wallpaper and a black hanging chandelier

The calming colors + soft lighting make for a relaxing restroom visit at The Apiary. | Photo by LEXtoday

The Apiary, 218 Jefferson St.
What we love: The pinks of the orchids really pop from the calming colors of the walls and wallpaper. The distressed mirror next to the couch also makes for funny distorted photos.

The Blushery, 825 National Ave.
What we love: If you thought the froze and floral walls of the shop were fun, wait until you see the soft pink and gold marbling in the bathroom.

The Elwood Hotel, 444 Parkway Dr.
What we love: We never realized how much we love a wallpapered ceiling until now. BRB, calling our interior designer friends.

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