Blue Grass Airport begins process for a new Master Plan

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The Blue Grass Airport announced it has begun the process of developing a new Master Plan called, “Approaching Our Future Together.”

The goal of the Master Plan is to create a strategic vision to accommodate the needs of the region. Eric Frankl, Executive Director of Blue Grass Airport, cited that it serves as an important component of Lexington’s economy + the 54-county region it serves. He added that hundreds of thousands of visitors come to town for business and leisure.

Fun fact: Our airport serves as many as 1.4 million passengers annually.

The plan — which will be carried out over ~18 months — aims to make short-term + long-term improvements in airport operations and infrastructure, including:

  • Aviation safety and security
  • Passenger travel and experience
  • Runway capacity and air traffic
  • Environment
  • Parking and traffic circulation
  • Corporate and private aviation

So why now?

For starters, the previous Master Plan was completed ~10 years ago in 2013. Also, the latest economic impact study found that Blue Grass Airport indeed has a huge impact$370 million + 3,478 jobs (these numbers continue to grow each year). We’ve seen the growth firsthand with last month’s announcement of Avelo Airline coming to Lexington.

The new plan will cover five, 10, and 20-year horizons and be updated every 10 years.

Plan Ahead

Public comment can be made online here + at the first Master Plan Public Workshop on Thurs., Sept. 22 from 5:30-7 p.m. The location has yet to be determined. You can get key updates about the planning process by signing up for the airport newsletter or by checking the hub.

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