Breaks Interstate Park

This park is only one of two state parks in the US that are shared between two different states — Kentucky + Virginia.


This area of the Appalachian mountains is commonly referred to as “The Breaks.” | Photo by LEXtoday

Hey, y’all — Aaron here. 👋

Last week, I told you that I was heading out to Eastern Kentucky to do some camping with my family, and here’s what I saw.

We stayed at Breaks Interstate Park, a state park that straddles the border of both Virginia + Kentucky. This park is a ~3-hour drive from Lexington, but might be one of the best and easiest spots for checking out the fall foliage.

The park offers several breathtaking vantage points that are only a quick 25-yard walk from the car.

What’s really cool — while in the park, you are in the state of Virginia, but always looking into the mountains of Kentucky.

There’s also a restaurant on-site, so you can have a full biscuit and gravy breakfast before checking out the views.

Amenities include:

  • A lodge
  • Cabin rentals
  • An on-site restaurant
  • Zip lines
  • Elk Tours
  • Fishing
  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking

Let me know if you choose to check it out. I’m happy to give you some pointers.

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