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So long, longnecks: Ale-8-One discontinues refillable glass bottle program

Winchester-based soda company Ale-8-1 will retire its refillable glass + payout program at the end of the year, we’re telling you what you can do with the iconic green glass bottles.

An Ale-8 bottle with flowers in it and a jar of a bubbly beverage.

Give your bottle new life to keep a little piece of Kentucky history. | Photo courtesy of @katieespurling

Let’s pour one out for our friends at Ale-8-One. On Sunday, Dec. 31, a century-long tradition will be coming to an end — the beloved refillable longneck bottles.

The Winchester-based soda brand was one of the last few refillable bottlers left in the US, keeping the iconic green bottles in circulation for ~30 years longer than most others.

However, the equipment used to wash and refill the bottles is no longer serviced in the US, ending the bottle deposit + payout program. So, what should you do with those emerald beauties?

  • Glass is recyclable, drop it in your blue cart
  • Reuse it as a vase, decoration or drinking glass for a little piece of nostalgia

In the meantime, Ale-8-One announced the “Commonwealth Collective” recycling program with Miguel’s Pizza at the Red River Gorge, which will return the bottles back to the glass supplier Owens-Illinois.

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