Celebrate Water Week in Lexington, KY

Help celebrate Kentucky’s 90,000 miles of surface waterways.

A person in a blue kayak

There’s no better way to enjoy the water than to slice through it with a kayak. | Photo courtesy of VisitLex

Enjoy swimming and paddling? Drinking clean water? Turning the lights on?

Kentucky’s 90,000 miles of surface rivers and waterways are to thank for much of the water we use every day. That’s why the City of Lexington, along with local community and civic organizations, will host Water Week (March 18-25).

Volunteer to take part in the celebration by submitting free events and activities through the city website. Here a few suggestions to get your waterwheels turning — including some from last year’s event:

  • Stream walks
  • Litter cleanup
  • Science nights
  • Canoeing
  • Photography classes
  • Storm drain stenciling

Now make like a river and run to submit your events by Tuesday, Feb. 28.

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