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Unwritten rules of Lexington

Tell us you’re from Lexington without telling us you’re from Lexington.

A black and white mural with a colorful horse on it

A horse mural + the big blue building, does it get any more Lexington than that? | Photo by Brian Behr

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Whether you’re a native the Horse Capital of the World or a relative newcomer, there are just some things every Lexingtonian understands to be true.

We asked our readers to share Lexington’s unwritten rules, from common city knowledge to relatable trends and local lingo. You won’t find these rules in a handbook, but they are undoubtedly absorbed by the community — and if you’re not from Lexington, these might be a little difficult to explain.

We’ve learned a thing or two from commuting

“If there’s an inch of snow on the road, avoid driving at all costs. Except to Kroger for milk, eggs and bread.” — @kelly_jo_stull

“It’s not called ‘Circle 4.’ It will always be ‘New Circle.’” — @alicewas2

“Avoid Nicholasville road during the holidays at all costs.” — @raiders.cards

“Avoid Nicholasville road whenever you can but specifically between 3pm-6pm.” — @chris.with.an_a

“Avoid going near UK campus on Saturdays in the fall if you don’t want to get stuck in game traffic.” — @angiekirby_

“Learn the street names and their variations. Oh, you’re on Malabu and want to get to Citation?...It’s the same road. Pasadena? Same Road. Alexandria? Same road. Harrodsburg/S. Broadway/N. Broadway. Nicholasville/S. Limestone/N. Limestone. I know there’s a reason for it all, but it has to seem ridiculous to outsiders.” — funkycat75

Follow the foodie rules

“Get the pie at Ramsey’s, even if you have to take it home.” — @ohchelse

“Ale8. That’s it. Just, Ale8.” — @majinnjuuscollection

“Ice cream at Rupp is definitely a rule!” — @ash_bo21

“Must get an 🍦 at Rupp. That’s LAW.” — @rupp_arena

“Hot browns, burgoo, and bourbon are musts for out of state family visitors.” — @lbkh

“Get an Ale-8 and Makers slushie.” — @mistress_samara

“Probably going to Joe Bologna’s.” — @bbfootballer8

“Stopping for Crank and Boom after going out for dinner is a must! The night isn’t complete without it!” — @rotten_kamp

“Don’t send someone to hold a table during Sahara’s lunch rush while other people in your group wait in line.” — @itsmejohnb

“No need to eat chain food, Lex has THE BEST choices for fabulous food and beverage in the whole dang country!” — @jodispeakslife

LEXtoday’s pro tips

“You must try a White Russian from Charlie Brown’s at least once in your life.” — City Editor Molly

“Ask for honey butter with your East End Tap + Table waffle. You won’t regret it.” — City Editor Aayat

Jockeys + racehorses competing at Keeneland.

It’s basically a rite of passage to place a bet on the ponies at Keeneland. | Photo by @jim.t.photography

Horses, bourbon + Wildcats, it’s what we do

“Must go to Keeneland in April and October 💯🏇🏽" — @ohyeahalexis

“The words Burgoo, Trifecta, Bluegrass, Buggy, Scuttlebutt, Y’all and Chester Drawers are words you should be familiar with. And you’ll find they roll of the tongue quite nicely with a bourbon in hand.” — @incredible_hunt

“We all wear blue on game days.” — @mini_mel1

“It’s always L’s down.” — @cezzanerealtor (Sorry, LOUtoday.)

“The real fun is in the pregame: tailgating. Football, Keeneland— y’all know the vibes!” — @itsjericanicole

“You will lose money at Keeneland. That one time you don’t, you’ll probably blow it on drinks. Only take the cash you are willing to lose.” — QuantumAIOverLord

“I have two: if you are a man, wear sunglasses at Keeneland. Apparently if you travel, have a photo opportunity, or simply a night out with your loved ones, wearing UK t-shirts count as date night or Sunday best. One can never have enough UK blue in their wardrobe.” — DrWKIopek

Need to know when in nature

“The pines at Jacobson are not for the disc golf course, they’re for hanging your @enohammocks.” — @rachel_joy_monet

“If you’ve never been to the Red River Gorge are you even Kentuckian?” — @cavecreekrrg

“Parks galore! Raven Run [and] stop by Boone Dogs on the way home.” — @kimreldridge

Only OG Lexingtonians will know

“Baptist Health will always be Central Baptist.” — @kdbrody

“The Fifth Third building is the tallest building in the world.” — @emmakgracesmith

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