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The zodiac signs of Lexington neighborhoods

Your home, your favorite coffee shop, your daily commute aren’t just written in the skyline — they may be written in the stars.

A bird's eye view of Lexington's downtown area, including a large red sign that says "The Square."

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. | Photo courtesy of John Nickell

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One of the most loveable things about Lexington is the distinct character found in each neighborhood, district, and corner of town. They all have their own personalities and purposes — some would say it was written in the stars. Let’s take a look at how our neighborhoods align with the zodiac signs.

Aquarius: Kenwick | Jan. 20- Feb. 18

The idealistic, yet self-assured vibe of Kenwick embodies the passionate nature of an Aquarius. Multi-colored, architecturally unique houses sprinkle the streets of this tight knit community. Formerly part of the Ashland, Henry Clay Estate, Kenwick has successfully formed its own unique personality driven by its historical roots, sense of self, and most importantly, community.

Pisces: Masterson Station | Feb. 19-March 20

Masterson Station provides the perfect escapist moment for a Pisces to relax. Not only is it home to the 650+ acres at Masterson Station Park, but it also serves as a hub of what to expect from the future of Lexington. Despite its ongoing developments, such as a new Publix, it’s equally solace nature makes it a textbook Pisces.

Aries: Woodland Triangle | March 21-April 19

Known as the passionate and confident leader of the zodiac, an Aries would feel right at home in Woodland Triangle. Like an Aries, the independent nature of Woodland is reflected in its numerous local businesses, including staples like Black Swan Books and High on Art & Coffee, as well as newer faces like Poppy & Pomelo and Dalhaus Fudge.

Children play in a splash pad.

While the East End prides itself in hard work, it also knows how to kick back and have fun, like a Taurus. | Photo by LEXtoday

Taurus: East End | April 20-May 20

As a lover of loyalty, you’ll feel right at home in East End. Dedicated to their community, the East End is known for its resiliency and stability — even in the face of several changes — much like a Taurus. This neighborhood is not afraid of hard work, but also know when it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of its labor.

Gemini: Downtown | May 21-June 20

The extroverted nature of a Gemini means they tend to get along with all kinds of people — similar to Downtown. The range of opportunities in downtown are endless, and depending on which street you turn down, you may find yourself in a totally different environment. Walk along West Main Street, and you’ll be greeted by marquees and a bustling environment, but a turn down West Second Street puts you in the scenic, peaceful solace of Gratz Park.

A street with a bright red sign that says "Chevy Chase Inn."

Chevy Chase is home to some of Lexington’s most beloved businesses, including our oldest bar the Chevy Chase Inn. | Photo courtesy of Nick Gerlich

Cancer: Chevy Chase | June 21-July 22

The sentimental and gentle nature of this sign is the perfect match for Chevy Chase. Although a popular place for the younger folks, this neighborhood’s walkability and variety of businesses make it a great area for the whole family. Check out staple businesses like Bourbon n’ Toulouse, Charlie Brown’s, and the Chevy Chase Inn to see why it’s essential to Lexington.

Leo: Palomar | July 23-Aug. 22

Palomar is a perfect fit for the welcoming and proud nature that a Leo embodies. With new developments like the Fountains at Palomar, it’s clear that this neighborhood seeks to stand out. A natural leader, Palomar exudes Leo energy with its optimism and courage.

Virgo: Meadowthorpe | Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This earth sign has very practical and grounded qualities, making Meadowthorpe its match. This neighborhood is most like a Virgo thanks to its humble and quick-thinking nature. It’s collection of businesses along Leestown Road, direct access to downtown, and historical pride of being home to Lexington’s first airport makes it one of the most humble, yet endeavorous neighborhoods in Lexington.

Libra: Southland | Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Southland’s active, yet small-town vibe is just as balanced as a Libra. Known for being home to farmers’ markets, concert series, and street festivals throughout the year, the neighborhood prefers the company of its community rather than be alone.

The outside of Greyline Station

Greyline Station is home to dozens of businesses in the NoLi district. | Photo courtesy of Bluegrass Creative KY

Scorpio: NoLi | Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The aura of NoLi’s picturesque boulevard perfectly encapsulates this water sign. Home to local business collective Greyline Station, Lexington Art League, and countless other spots, NoLi remains determined and persistent even in the face of immense change.

Sagittarius: Hamburg | Nov. 22-Dec. 21

As an adventure seeker, you’ll be able to make a speedy getaway from Hamburg with the closest access to I-75 and I-64. Not itching to hit the road? Stay for a while, and spend the day shopping this Sagittarius’ countless shops, including Hamburg Pavillion, which features 70+ businesses.

Capricorn: Beaumont | Dec. 22- Jan. 19

With how hardworking you are, you’ll be pleased to hear there are plenty of spots in Beaumont to network and work remotely. Grab a drink from Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii in the North Shoppes, lunch from Sahara, and feel the ambition of this neighborhood driven by duty and hard work — classic Capricorn behavior.

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