Lexington’s Monopoly Board Revealed

Save those get out of jail free cards and make your way through Lexington’s Monopoly board.

A giant Monopoly board game on a stand that features Lexington businesses and horses.

We hope you saved your get out of jail free card. | Photo by LEXtoday

Game on, Lexington.

The MONOPOLY: Lexington Edition was officially revealed yesterday, and it is chock full of local goodness.

“MONOPOLY: Lexington Edition will make great gifts for Lexington residents, and also for our visitors who can play the game, recall all the fun they had while visiting Lexington, and make plans to return,” Mayor Linda Gorton said at the press conference.

The game’s Atlantic City squares were replaced with various historical landmarks and cultural sites like Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate and the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden, as well as charitable organizations such as the Hope Center and Jubilee Jobs of Lexington. As soon as you pass Go, you’ll find yourself in some community favorite parks including Raven Run Nature Sanctuary + Jacobson Park.

So, what are you waiting for? Collect your $200 and get playing.