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Lextran unveils $35.5 million budget for 2025

A Lextran bus waiting to pick up passengers from the station with the Abe Lincoln mural in the background.

Lextran expects to make 3.75 million trips via its 25 fixed routes by the end of FY 2024. | Photo by LEXtoday

Lextran, our city’s public transportation system, presented its 2025 budget at a City Council Work Session last week.The $35 million balanced budget will still need to be voted on by the full council, but let’s take a look at some of the key numbers that were highlighted.

  • $24,023,978 | That’s how much the organization expects in revenue (~68% of the projected budget) from property taxes.
  • $5,617,465 | That’s how much federal funding Lextran expects to receive, making it the second highest source of revenue for the FY 2025 budget
  • $19,770,224 | The largest line item for expenses is wages + fringe benefits.
  • $75,000 | That’s how much Lextran set aside to study microtransit feasibility in LEX. Microtransit is defined as smaller, on-demand vehicles taking riders door-to-door or curb-to curb.

You can see the full presentation on page 50 of this council work session packet. We’ll share more on the microtransit study soon.