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Your guide to Lexington Coffee Week

To bean or not to bean.

The outside of coffee shop Kenwick Table.

Kenwick Table offers front porch and back patio seating. | Photo by LEXtoday

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If there’s one thing Lexingtonians love, it’s a good cup of coffee. Luckily, Lexington Coffee Week is back with 20 participating local coffee shops that will be sure to get you buzzing.

This marks the fourth year that participating coffee shops will release exclusive coffees + teas for $4 — for one week only. Here are a list of the exclusive drinks you can get, from Sunday, May 7 through Sunday, May 13.

Happy sipping.

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

  • Island Toffee | Sea salt caramel toffee latte served iced or hot
  • Island Bloom Matcha | Matcha flavored with lavender + coconut served iced or hot

Broomwagon Coffee + Bikes

  • Smoked Apple Wood Shaken Espresso | Iced espresso with smoked applewood maple syrup
  • Berry Cobbler Cold Brew | Cold brew with blackberry and macadamia nut cold foam
  • Butterfly Mist Tea Latte | Iced butterfly pea tea with vanilla + milk

The Creatures’ Cauldron Cafe

  • Bluegrass Bliss | Marshmallow latte topped with butterfly pea sweet foam served hot or iced
  • The Bourbon Barrel | Latte with bourbon caramel syrup served hot or iced

Chaotic Good: Coffee, Comics, and Games

  • Salted Caramel Cookie Macchiato | Coffee layered with cookie butter flavors and drizzled in caramel served hot or iced
  • Underdark & Chill Tea Latte | Hot black tea + steamed milk
A cup of coffee with in a strawberry mug with a Beatles poster in the background.

Get back to where you once belonged. | Photo courtesy of @lexingtoncoffeeweek

Coffee Times Coffee House

  • Strawberry JoJo (Get Back!) | Hot coffee flavored with strawberry + chocolate
  • Strawberry Fields (Forever) | Iced oolong tea with strawberries

Common Grounds (All locations)

  • Cold Brew with Snickerdoodle Cold Foam | Cold brew with cinnamon and brown sugar-flavored cold foam
  • Pomegranate Apple Iced Tea | A caffeine-free iced tea flavored with pomegranate + apple

Far Out Espresso

  • The Andes Mint Frappe | A cold, blended frappe featuring Ghirardelli chocolate and Andes mints
  • Lavender Matcha Latte | An iced matcha latte featuring lavender syrup

Genesis Coffee House & Eatery

  • Cookie Monster Latte | A cookie dough-flavored latte with blue frosting served hot or iced
  • Kentucky Butter Cake Coffee | Coffee flavored with butter rum + glaze icing served hot or iced
  • Blue Raspberry Blush | An iced tea latte with blue raspberry flavoring and milk

HIGH on Art & Coffee

  • Honey Nut Latte | Latte flavored with honey praline and hazelnut served iced or hot
  • Chailine | Chai latte flavored with praline served hot or iced

Java Jukebox

  • Spring Special | Latte flavored with coconut, lavender + white mocha served hot or iced
  • Cinnamon Bun Chai Latte | Hot chai latte with cinnamon bun flavoring
A glass of the mint condition mocktail featuring chai, orange juice, and sparkling water topped with mint leaf.

Coffee week is for tea lovers, too. | Photo courtesy of @lexingtoncoffeeweek

Kenwick Table

  • Ameri-con Panna | Coca-Cola featuring two espresso shots and vanilla whip served over ice
  • Mint Condition | Mocktail featuring chai, orange juice, and sparkling water

Leestown Coffee House

  • Blood Orange Mango Cold Brew | A cold brew with a mango and blood orange base
  • Blackberry Lemon Jasmine | Iced jasmine tea flavored with lemon blackberry syrup

Lussi Brown Coffee Bar

  • Cherry Cordial | A cold brew with cherry syrup and dark chocolate whipped cream
  • Mon Cherry | Iced Yerba Mate green tea with cherry syrup

McLeod’s Coffee House

  • Creamsicle Cold Brew | A cold brew topped with orange creamsicle cold foam
  • Pineapple Paradise | Iced pineapple green tea with coconut milk

Nate’s Coffee

  • The Hot Banana | A hot cappuccino with banana-flavored almond milk and foam
  • VMGT | Iced vanilla mango green tea
  • Ale-Nate-1 | Hideaway by Nate’s Coffee | Fountain Ale-8, your choice of syrup, and two shots of espresso
An iced tea latte surrounded by lavender petals.

Are you buzzing with excitement yet? | Photo courtesy of @lexingtoncoffeeweek

North Lime Coffee & Donuts - Clays Mill Road

  • The Country Bumpkin | Hot or iced | North Lime Coffee & Donuts - Clays Mill Road | A latte flavored with pumpkin and caramel apple butter
  • Lexington Fog | Iced Kentucky blend tea from Elmwood Inn featuring vanilla + lavender syrups

North Lime Coffee & Donuts - North Limestone

  • The Cobra | A brown sugar cold brew with brown sugar boba
  • Strawberry Fields | Iced green tea with strawberry syrup and white mocha cold foam

Old School Coffee

  • Melon Brew | A melon-flavored cold brew with soda water
  • Sunset Tea | Iced spiced orange chamomile tea with lemon, peach, and rosemary

The Human Bean

  • Banana Bread Breve | An espresso drink with banana and hazelnut flavors served hot, iced, or blended
  • Berry Bliss Matcha | An iced matcha latte topped with strawberry cold foam

Third Street Stuff

  • Pink in May | Sorella’s strawberry gelato served over cold brew
  • New Zealand Sunnyslopes | Herbal tea flavored with kiwi, strawberries, and apple served hot or iced
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