How to celebrate National Donut Day in Lexington

Do-nut panic.

A photo of donuts in a box.

Please, refrain from licking the screen. | Photo courtesy of @north_lime

Do you go nuts for donuts? Then, like us, you probably know that today is National Donut Day. If you knead a rundown of the best shops to snag a sweet treat, we’ve got you covered.

Donut Days, 185 Southland Dr.
Travel into town for a donut-palooza, featuring flavors like blueberry + apple cider. Plus, buy 10 donuts and get two free.

North Lime Donuts, 3101 Clays Mill Rd. + 101 W. Loudon Ave.
Head to either location to try out a blackberry-filled, gluten-free fruity pebbles, sprinkle explosion, or vegan blueberry cake donut.

OMG Donuts, 3449 Buckhorn Dr.
Not only can you snag a delicious cookies + cream smoothie here, but add a dozen donuts to that order, and you’ll get a glazed one for free.

Spalding’s Bakery, 760 Winchester Rd.
Yeast the day at this nearly century-old institution known for its iconic glazed + specialty cake donuts.

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