Places to cry in Lexington

Who’s choppin’ onions in here?

Fountains spraying water with Rupp Arena in the backdrop.

No one can hear your sobs over the gushing fountains at Triangle Park. | Photo by @femibranded

Hey y’all, City Editor Aayat here. While this time of year means being inundated with anthropomorphic hearts making bold claims of love, we at LEXtoday know that it can makes things a bit tough for some folks. That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite places to have a good cry.

Triangle Park Fountains, 400 W. Main St.

Ideal for those warm, sorrowful evenings in LEX, these fountains are perfect for drowning out your sobs. Pro tip: Pre-game for your cry session with popcorn and a drink at Henry Clay’s Public House.

Creative Yoga, 660 E. Main St., Ste. 2

Is it sweat? Tears? No one will ever know when you snag the corner spot by the basement door at a hot yoga class. Pro tip: Take an extra beat in child’s pose for yourself.

The Lex Walking Man, 521 S. Broadway

Your friends are all busy being in love, but you know who isn’t? The Lex Walking Man. Feel free to cry at his feet, because let’s be real, he’s not going anywhere.

An aerial view of Henry Clay's monument at the Lexington Cemetery

The Great Compromiser probably shed a few tears around town too. | Photo courtesy of Maci Brooke

Lexington Cemetery, 833 W. Main St.

Perhaps the most obvious on the list, the cemetery shouldn’t be overlooked. Crying here is a given, so feel free to let it all out as you gaze up at Henry Clay’s monument. If anyone asks, it’s the blooming cherry blossom trees.

Charlie Brown’s, 816 Euclid Ave.

This cozy, dimly lit restaurant and bar has everything you need for a good cry: comfy couches, TouchTunes, and pitchers of white Russians. Pro tip: Blame hot pepper cheese for the tears welling up in your eyes.

Any part of New Circle Road

Lean into the fact that everyone is already judging you for going the speed limit and cry to your heart’s desire.

“The airport cellphone lot.” — @katt_bro

“In the sauna at CYL Sauna Studio.” — @_juju_long

Chevy Chase Starbucks.” — @erinnoliver

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