Be the Broker: What do you want to see on Delaware Avenue?

Will and Sarah Hanrahan hope to create a community-centric environment.

The outside of a quonset hut, a round, arch-shaped building.

What do you want to make this unique building home? | Photo courtesy of Will + Sarah Hanrahan

Have you ever driven past an empty building and thought, “That would make a great __________?”

That’s the question we ask in our Be the Broker series. And guess what? We’re back with another installment. This time, we’re taking a trip to Delaware Avenue where husband-wife duo Will and Sarah Hanrahan have aspirations of expanding the community offerings in the area.

“We’ve been looking for a project that we could sink our teeth into,” Will said. “Now we’re in that phase where we want to build a plan and to get involvement from the community.”

“We’re hoping to bring small pieces of the community and have them all in one place, kinda of like a hub for the community,” Sarah added.

The one-acre plot of land features green space, and more notably, a quonset hut, which the pair thinks could be repurposed into a community or event space.

Share your ideas with the Hanrahans.

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