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A brief overview of new developments coming to Lexington

Let’s break down some of the major development news to come to Lexington.

Downtown Lexington's skyline overlooking the old courthouse.

We’ve got our eye on Lexington developments. | Photo by @femibranded

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Over the last week, the city has made some major development announcements. So, strap in — we’ve got a quick rundown for you:

East Seventh Street

Last week, the Urban County Planning Commission approved a housing development for East Seventh Street, which comes with a zoning amendment.

The commission approved adjusting the zoning along East Seventh Street, moving the area from a Neighborhood Business zone (B-1) to a Planned Neighborhood Residential zone (R-3).

Doing so will allow Imagine Lexington, our 20-year comprehensive development plan, and Habitat for Humanity to construct affordable housing — seven townhomes specifically.

UK Health Education

UK broke ground on its newest building — the 500,000-sqft Health Education Building located at Huguelet and University drives. The $380 million project marks the largest academic building to be built in UK’s history.

Upon completion in 2026, the building will be home to the colleges of Medicine, Public Health, Health Sciences, and Nursing.

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