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6 local donut shops around Lexington

Hey, y’all — Erin here. 👋

Today, I’m saying goodbye to my wonderful work experience with the editorial team at LEXtoday, Aaron + Molly. While I’ll miss my time with this incredible crew, today’s goodbye is a sweet one.

If living in Lexington the past few years has taught me anything, it’s that this city has tons of delicious bakeries. That’s why I decided to serve up a round-up you donut want to miss.

From downtown classics to new doughy dives, we’ve got you covered on a donut round-up so you can enjoy a piece of Lexington nostalgia, or branch out with a new trendy treat.

Tried and true

Magee’s Baking Co., 726 E. Main St. | Nothing says Saturday morning in Lexington like seeing the line wrapped around Magee’s Bakery. While it has been a downtown staple since 1956, its new breakfast offerings like the Eggs Nest + Avocado & Bacon Bagel are well worth an order. My personal favorite, the chocolate donut, is what got this whole story bakin’.

Pro tip: The $8 avocado + bacon bagel might be one of the best breakfast deals in the city. 🍳

Spalding’s Bakery, 760 Winchester Rd. | In 1929, this family-owned business gifted us with the “original” glazed yeast donut. While the hometown hero does offer cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, and more — there’s something so special about that original creation that keeps us coming back. These donuts tend to sell out quick, so get there early. Doors open up at 6:30 a.m. + 7 a.m. on Sundays.

Pro tip: Bring some dough — cash only.

North Lime, 101 W. Loudon Ave., Ste 160 + 3101 Clays Mill Rd. | While this foodie favorite is only 10 years old, it’s quickly become a classic — recently expanding with a second location in Louisville (hey, LOUtoday). Its varying weekly + daily specials like “Maple Bacon” or “Cold Brew Filled,” along with its funky coffee combinations, have definitely put them on Kentucky’s donut map.

Pro tip: For our readers with allergies or diet restrictions, check out the daily/weekly vegan and gluten free goodies.

Donut Days Bakery, 185 Southland Dr. | A local love + family-owned business that rocks the block way past typical bakery hours. Score some baked goodness Monday-Friday from 6 a.m.-6 p.m.


North Lime is sublime. | Photo by @igetamped

Hot takes

Parlor Doughnuts, 630 Euclid Ave., Ste. 150 | Lexington has been scarfing up Parlor’s unique take on the classic donut since its doors opened last winter. The base resembles a cronut that features variations of glazes + toppings. Try the Strawberry Shortcake for sweet cream goodness or the Campfire for a sticky situation you’ll want in on. 🍓

Frank’s Donuts, 549 E 3rd. St. | While Frank’s may be the newer kid on the block, Georgetown + Winchester already know what’s up with this scrumptious spot. The menu offers all the classic picks that are also easy on the wallet. Try the Long John cream filled and thank me later.

Which donut joint can you not go the weekend without hitting up? Let us know of any adoughable spots we missed.

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