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Celebrate Raven Run’s soundscapes this Earth Day

Lexington Parks & Recreation is helping bring Raven Run’s nature sounds to your home.

A person holding a microphone to a stream.

The department recorded soundscapes from Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, then pressed them on flexidiscs. | Photo courtesy of @lexkyparks

Some days when we’re confined to our desks, it’s nice to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Our parks department seems to agree, which is why they’re giving you a chance to fill your home with the sounds of Raven Run Nature Sanctuary.

In honor of Earth Day + Record Store Day, Lexington Parks & Recreation is teaming up with some of our favorite local record shops to give away flexidiscs, aka playable records printed on thin sheets of plastic, to promote the city’s Earth Day events.

A green flexidisc with "Raven Run" written on the front, sitting in a field of grass and flowers.

These flexidiscs are perfect for those days when we need to get a little more in tune with nature. | Photo courtesy of @lexkyparks

The team used an audio recorder to capture soothing sounds (think: Water babbling, birds chirping, and bees buzzing). Once you pop one of these on your turntable, you’ll be transported to Raven Run through recorded nature soundscapes.

Head to any of these spots on Saturday, April 20 to snag a copy, while supplies last:

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