Food Trucks in and around Lexington, KY

Lexington’s food truck scene has been on a roll, so we’re helping you keep up with these wheel-y good local eateries.

A blue food truck with people lined up outside

Who doesn’t love a kitchen on four wheels? | Photo by @clarkembree

Let’s be real: Lexington’s food truck scene has been on a roll — but it’s also tough to keep up with all of these eateries wheeling around.

Luckily, taste-testing food trucks is one of our unofficial hobbies, so we’ve got all the delectable details on 11 mobile eateries around town + their menu highlights.

Note: We always recommend checking online to confirm locations before heading out.

The Daughters’ Southern
This family-inspired, locally-minded southern deli on wheels serves up classics like cheesy shrimp and grits + crispy buffalo cauliflower.

Moody Mike’s
This is Lexington’s first 100% vegan food truck which has a home base at Pivot Brewing, 1400 Delaware Ave. Try its unique take on plant-based ribs, pulled pork sandwiches + poutine fries.

Comete Alguito
Comete Alguito specializes in Colombian street foodthink arepas, empanadas + plantains — and can often be found at The Station, 3092 Leestown Rd.

Avocado toast with tomatoes and spices

There’s nothing basic about Toasties’ avocado toast. | Photo by @toasties_gourmet

Toasties Gourmet
Fuel your day with fresh smoothie bowls, avocado toast, or specialty grilled cheeses.

Rolling Oven
This mobile pizza kitchen — made from a 20-ft shipping container — popped up on the scene in 2014 and now has two permanent dine-in locations.

Teppan Lex
You can find Teppan all around town dishing out Japanese street delicacies like cold ramen salad, rice balls, and grilled edamame.

El Mexiquense
This is your one-stop shop for Mexican food favorites like customizable quesadillas, tacos, and burritos.

305 Cubano
The menu features true Cuban classics like papas rellenas — a fried stuffed potato ball — empanadas + flan.

Mr. Gyros
Get your hands on authentic Greek offerings such as gyros, salads, and falafel sandwiches.

You can find this “cutie food truck” serving up salads, sliders + fries at The Grove or inside during winter at Al’s Bar.

Tincan Coffee
Caffeine reigns supreme in this tiny tin coffee shop. It’s often found at community events + is available for rent.

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