Build a local charcuterie board

We’ve rounded up local spots for you to procure meats, cheeses, jams and jellies, crackers, olives, nuts, and more for your next charcuterie board.

A charcuterie picnic set with various crackers, meats, cheese, jams, jellies, olives, and fruit.

Fable’s customizable charcuterie boards offer a vast array of flavors. | Photo by @lexfoodguide

Wanna take your charcuterie board from grate to un-brie-lievably delicious? We’ve got you covered — with a little help from some local spots, of course. Whether it’s for a family picnic, a get together with friends, or a date night — these six businesses have everything you need to craft an unforgettable charcuterie board.

The Mousetrap, 3323 Tates Creek Rd. | What to find there: Jams, jellies, pickled goods, crackers, and other specialty groceries.

Boone Creek Creamery, 2416 Palumbo Dr., Ste. 110 | What to find there: Cheeses and pre-made cheese platters.

A woman holding cheese in Wine + Market.

Wine + Market has a great selection of gourmet cheeses. | Photo by @wineandmarket

Wine + Market, 486 W. Second St. | What to find there: Meats, cheeses, wine, olives, pickled goods, nuts, and other specialty groceries.

Kroger, Multiple locations | What to find there: Meats, cheeses, jams, jellies, crackers, nuts, pickled goods, olives, bread, and wine.

Stuarto’s Olive Oil Company, Multiple locations | What to find there: Olive oils and vinegars, olives, spices, and seasonings.

Fable Charcuterie + Wine, Order online | What to find there: Order a pre-made charcuterie board if you don’t have time to make one yourself.

Other must-haves:

If you’re a first-timer to charcuterie construction, worry not. Check out these tips on how to assemble the perfect charcuterie board.

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