Historical spots to visit for Presidents’ Day

You don’t need to travel to the National Mall to take in some of the most historical sites in the US.

An aerial view of Henry Clay's monument at the Lexington Cemetery

Visitors can learn more about one of America’s founding fathers at the Lexington Cemetery. | Photo courtesy of Maci Brooke

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Did you know that Lexington helped some of the nation’s most historic figures find their footing?

Let’s take a tour of some historical sites you can visit today for Presidents’ Day.

📍 Lexington Cemetery, 833 W. Main St.

Although popularly known for its cherry blossom season in the spring, Lexington Cemetery has some unique ties to those who were awfully close to the biggest role in the White House.

Henry Clay Monument

Located to the right when you enter the cemetery, the 120-ft-tall stone monument is hard to miss. You can see him towering over the trees if you’re at the stoplight of Main Street + Newtown Pike.

Here, visitors can learn more about Clay’s background as one of the nation’s founding fathers and his aspirations of one day becoming president, a race that he would lose three times.

John C. Breckinridge Grave Site

Also a fellow Lexingtonian, John C. Breckinridge is most known for his role as US Vice President to James Buchanan from 1857 to 1861. Fun fact: Breckinridge was the youngest VP to serve during his time in office.

The outside of Mary Todd Lincoln's childhood home

Mary Todd Lincoln’s home is situated directly off W Main St. | Photo courtesy of Mary Todd Lincoln House

📍 Mary Todd Lincoln House, 578 W. Main St.

Mary Todd Lincoln was born in Lexington in 1818, where she would spend most of her years mingling with local politicians (including Mr. Clay himself).

While visiting a sister in Illinois, Todd met fellow Kentuckian Abraham Lincoln (ever heard of him?). The two married in 1842, and in 1861, she became First Lady.

The facade of Henry Clay's mansion

Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, is located off Richmond Road on Sycamore Lane. | Photo courtesy of VisitLEX

📍 Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate, 120 Sycamore Rd.

The last stop on our tour is a fan favorite of Lexingtonians.

Situated on the former site of a 600-acre tobacco farm, Clay’s beloved Ashland Estate still stands in the heart of Ashland Park.

Opt for an in-depth private tour of the mansion, or a self-guided walk in the park with lunch from the Ginkgo Tree Cafe.

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