Holiday bourbon gift ideas

the inside of a store
Inside Justin's House of Bourbon | Photo by The LEXtoday

Living in the Bluegrass — we all know someone who would enjoy a special bottle of bourbon for the holidays. Or maybe you’re hosting — and want your party guests to have something unique to sip on

But with so many options, flavor profiles + price points — where do you start?

We aren’t bourbon experts — however, the fine folks at Justins’ House of Bourbon are. This place is home to the largest collection of rare + vintage bourbons for sale in the world

We visited Justins’ House of Bourbon to sample a few spirits that would make great gifts + help you be a standout host this holiday season. 

Bourbon Advent Calendar | $99 

For the newbie

This unique gift features 12 different 50mL bottles — making it perfect for someone who might be less familiar with bourbon. 

Old Forester 1910 | $60 

For hosting a small party

This bourbon was aged in two different barrels — giving it a unique talking point for your guests. The sweet, smooth finish is also nice enough to impress without breaking your bank. 

Blanton’s Single Barrel | $80-$200 

For that special someone

Packaged in a bottle that closely resembles a jewel — this highly sought after bourbon would make the perfect gift for someone close to your heart. 

Justin’s House of Bourbon Single Barrel | $300  

For those that made the nice list

This boutique Kentucky bourbon comes from a hand-selected barrel by Justins’ House of Bourbon —  making this 14-year aged, 118-proof bourbon ultra rare + premium

114 Old Grand-dad | $30

For the eggnog or batch cocktails

At 114-proof, this bourbon tastes great + packs a punch — making it an affordable choice for batch cocktails at holiday parties.