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Catch the Gaelic game of hurling in Lexington, KY

We’re breaking down the Irish sport of hurling including its rules and where you can catch a game.

A worn white ball with curved stitching like a baseball lies on a pitch of sunny grass.

The ball is called a sliotar, pronounced “slit-er.”

Photo by Adrian via Pexels

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There are many ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but have you heard about hurling? No, not that kind of hurling. We’re talking about the Irish sport.

What is hurling?

This ancient Gaelic game is the national sport of Ireland and looks a bit like field hockey played with a baseball.

Players use a wooden stick to pass and score points by shooting through the opponent’s goalpost. Players use the stick (called a hurl or hurley) to hit and balance the ball (called a sliotar).

Want to learn all the official rules? Check out the US Gaelic Athletic Association (USGAA).

The exterior of McCarthy's Irish Bar.

Fancy a pint? | Photo by LEXtoday

Get involved

Whether you want to hurl yourself onto the field or be a spectator, the Lexington GAA has you covered. The team popped up on the scene in 2021, and while their account remains active on Twitter, we haven’t seen or heard any news on players or games.

If you’re a part of the team or want to join the club, get in touch with us so we can pass the sliotar. Scope out the competition, as well as other Gaelic sports, with the USGAA’s interactive map.

Fun fact: Consider McCarthy’s Irish Bar your hurling hub in Lexington. The pub shows games on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the spring and summer months.

And don’t forget to look up when you visit. The two mannequins on top of the awning feature the jerseys of the reigning Gaelic champions for football and, you guessed it, hurling.

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