International grocery stores around Lexington

Travel around the world in 5 grocery stores.

The outside of Indian international grocery store Sai Super Bazar.

You don’t have to leave Lexington to get a taste of Asia. | Photo by LEXtoday

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Lexington’s grocery scene is growing, with two new Publix locations opening around the city, adding to our dozens of Kroger stores + Costco, Meijer, and other retailers.

We’re all for more options, but we also love the array of mom-and-pop international stores that the city has to offer. Here are a few of our favorites.

Sai Super Bazar Farmers Market, 3146 Mapleleaf Dr.

When you first walk into Sai Super Bazar (formerly known as Apna Bazar), you’re greeted with the warm smells of spices, rose-centric beauty products, home decor, incense, and other staples you’ll find in an South Asian household.

The store offers fresh produce like green chilies, frozen meals, fresh samosas, massive bags of basmati rice, Magic Masala Lay’s potato chips, and refrigerated sweets such as burfi, a milk-based fudge flavored with rose water + pistachios.

Fresh produce at a Mexican grocery store.

Get all your food and party supplies in one spot. | Photo by LEXtoday

Super Mercado Aguascalientes #4, 2341 Woodhill Dr.

Specializing in Mexican products, Super Mercado Aguascalientes bundles lunch and a grocery trip. Whether you’re looking for Mexican beauty products, produce, queso fresco, a variety of snacks, party supplies such as piñatas, or chorizo, you’re sure to find it here.

In the back of the store, you can order fresh meat from the butcher, check out its refrigerated section with unique drinks, grab a handful of habanero peppers, and finish out your shopping with a pack of aqua fresca to cool everything down.

Sahara International Grocery, 3061 Fieldstone Way

Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine is a lunch staple in Lexington, but did you know you can try to recreate its food at home by visiting the store next door?

Here, customers can purchase halal meats to try their hand at making Sahara’s famous chicken shawarma. But that’s not all — fresh produce, falafel kits, grape leaves, Arab-inspired home decor, countless spices, and ornate tea sets will help guide you to an authentic Middle Eastern meal.

Dong Yang Market, 3101 Clays Mill Rd.

There’s no shortage of Korean goods at DY Market. Pick a quick lunch from the countless flavors of ramen or test your own skills by purchasing a rice cooker. Plus, you can find boba to make your favorite bubble tea, freshly jarred kimchi, differnet types of mochi, a variety of Asian beers, and even K-beauty products.

Plus, keep an eye out for Chung Chun, the new Korean-style corn dog restaurant that is expected to open within the store in the former Seki. We’ll keep you updated as we learn details.

Refrigerated produce and meats at an African grocery store.

Take a trip outside of Lexington, without actually leaving. | Photo by LEXtoday

Selby’s Tropical Food Market, 2339 Woodhill Dr.

A cloudy day can be brightened in an instant when you step into Selby’s. Colorful dashikis line the walls while you peruse through countless different spice mixes, including Jamaican jerk seasoning, as well as produce like okra + plantains, and smoked tilapia. Pro tip: Head over on Fridays to snag some fresh donuts.

If you’re missing the West African eats at Sav’s Grill, we recommend this spot for all your fufu cravings.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know and we’ll keep the list growing.

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