The rundown on Lexington’s 2045 Comprehensive Plan

Make your voice heard at the public hearing on Thursday, Feb. 16.

Lexington, Kentucky's skyline with a sunset of blues, reds, and oranges

The future is bright for you, Lexington. | Photo by @femibranded

Imagine Lexington, a department within Lexington Fayette Urban County Government’s (LFUCG) Division of Planning, is hosting a public hearing on Thursday, Feb. 16 to discuss its proposed 2045 Comprehension Plan.

Here’s what the plan proposes

Support neighborhoods

  • Boost affordability and sustainability across housing developments
  • Locate redevelopment opportunities in respect to surrounding neighborhoods

Expand environmental regulations

  • Track and reduce LFUCG’s carbon footprint
  • Implement sustainable-focused policies
  • Incentivize climate-friendly practices

Create job growth

  • Bolster opportunities for the agricultural industry, including local food production and agritourism
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and small business growth through incubator programs and networking
  • Tackle socio-economic issues that prevent residents from accessing good jobs

Make Lexington more desirable

  • Improve transportation access and walkability
  • Preserve historical sites
  • Review recently updated parking policies

Want to attend? The hearing will be at 1:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at 200 East Main St. Can’t make it? Read through the entire 2045 Comprehensive Plan.

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