Lexington’s Public Art Master Plan

a photo of painted horse sculptures

Painted horses from LexArts’ Horse Mania | Photo provided by the City of Lexington

Back in late February, a project two and a half years in the making was presented at a city council meeting — Lexington’s Public Art Master Plan.

This project is headed by Heather Lyons, the city’s Sr. Director of Arts and Cultural Affairs. She’s working with a team of art administrators, architects, civil engineers + landscape architects to bring this plan to life.

Until now, Lexington has relied on nonprofits + community groups like LexArts and PRHBTN to bring public art into our city. But now, for the first time since Lexington’s founding in 1775, the city + its residents are getting a say in what public art looks like in Lexington.

“Public art is more than murals and sculpture work. It can be light forms, digital projections on buildings + public street art,” Heather told The LEXtoday. “It’s really thinking about what assets your city has, and figuring out how we can enhance different environments.”

Heather was also adamant that public art deserves to be showcased in all areas of our citynot just downtown. “The corridors commission recently identified the main thoroughfares of Lexington. We want to work with its existing plan to identify corridors + neighborhoods that need enhancement.”

“The Public Art Master Plan is completed, but we are now in the review process,” said Heather. In the coming months, Heather and her team will begin launching public meetings to gather community input.

Get involved

You can take a look at Lexington’s Public Art Master Plan here. To get an idea of what public art could look like in your neighborhood, check out these local public art installments —

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