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Lexington’s new ZOTA open space regulations

See how a new set of zoning guidelines will shape the future of green space in Lexington.

Midland Avenue Aerial_(c) SCAPE & Ty Cole.jpg

Our skyline wouldn’t be complete without plenty of green.

Photo by Ty Cole

The City of Lexington updated its open space regulations for the first time since the 1960s.

What is the purpose of an open space regulation you might ask? They help encourage the development of and access to safe and welcoming open spaces, which are critical to creating a sense of social and community connection.

The new “Open Space ZOTA” guidelines are designed to:

  1. Ensure accessibility and walkability in open spaces
  2. Optimize the quality of green spaces, including people-focused and habitat-focused areas
  3. Incentivize sustainable infrastructure

Interested in a greener Lexington? Sprout your knowledge with the city’s infographic, dig in your roots with the Open Space ZOTA one-pager, or become a full-grown expert by reading the entire proposal.

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