Local LEX love stories

We want to hear your LEX love stories.

A skyline of Lexington with location bubbles on it

We’re looking for love in all the right places. | Photo by Victor Sizemore, Graphic by LEXtoday

For Valentine’s Day 2023, we made a map of places where our readers have made memories around Lexington.

We asked for your help compiling everything from Henry Clay Estate garden proposals to weddings at Woodland Park to meeting your soulmate in federal prison. Y’all did not disappoint.

Explore these local love stories by clicking on the hearts, but here are a couple we just had to share:

“My now husband and I met 10 years ago this February on the front porch of [the original] Two Keys. I was trying to open the always sticky door that led out front, and it swung open finally and I literally fell into his arms. We’ve been together since. Seven years married and we have an almost three-year-old.” — Ashley B.

Let us set the scene here for this one, it’s a totally fun meet-cute. Jacqueline, a lifelong Lexingtonian, was visiting a friend in Ireland celebrating “12 Pubs of Christmas” at a nightclub called Havana’s. A moment of locking eyes, then dancing the night away, was all it took to change their lives.

Fun fact: Trevor and Jacqueline will celebrate 10 years of marriage on Thursday, Feb. 16.

“After 4 years of dating while he was in Ireland and me in Lexington I decided to quit my job, sell my car and all my furniture, and move to Ireland. I stayed for two years but ultimately decided I missed Lexington and my family. So, my boyfriend at the time quit his job, we put our house up for rent and he made the bold decision to relocate to Lexington. We got married and now have a daughter and two dogs.” — Jacqueline C.

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