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A fresh start: Meet the Lexington Counter Clocks

Learn about the new and exciting changes coming to Lexington’s minor league baseball team.

Counter Clocks President & GM Justin Ferrarella speaking at the podium

Counter Clocks President & GM Justin Ferrarella speaks about the new team name. | Photo by LEXtoday

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After 22 years of being known as the Lexington Legends, our minor league baseball team, and Mayor Linda Gorton announced the team is rebranding.

Say hello to the Lexington Counter Clocks.

“The Legends name is wonderful, it has a great history, but we felt that with this fresh start, we’re ready for a new team identity,” said new owner, Nathan Lyons.

The organization held numerous listening sessions, conducted surveys, and had one-on-one conversations with community members during the rebranding process.

The name is inspired by something we’re quite familiar with here in Lexington — horse racing. The website notes that in Britain, horse races were traditionally run clockwise. “We raised and raced the finest horses, so we declared our independence. Our horses would race counterclockwise on dirt. The world — and baseball — followed our lead,” the website states.

A giphy showing the new logo of the Lexington Counter Clocks.

What’s your favorite colors baby? Blue and white and red. | GIF by LEXtoday

Playing on that word of independence, the Counter Clocks’ colors will be red, white, and blue.

Mayor Linda Gorton shared her gratitude for the Lyons family’s commitment to the community. “We have appreciated the conversations we’ve had with Nathan and we appreciate the investments in our community — both in family fun and improvements to the stadium,” she said.

Speaking of the stadium ...

“You’re gonna be amazed at all the improvements that you see out of the ballpark,” said new manager Barry Lyons, who’s super excited about the stadium upgrades.

Here’s a high-level view of what fans can expect:

  • New food + beverage options
  • A new club level where the current suites were located
  • New seating + food and drink options along the right field line
  • Revamped kids’ zone
  • New painting throughout the stadium, and repaired restrooms

Get your tickets to see the new team in action, and check out the stadium improvements yourself at their season-opening three-game homestand beginning Friday, April 28.