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The program helping athletes stay healthy in our community

The sports medicine specialists at UK HealthCare know what it takes to keep athletes healthy and in the game.

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UK HealthCare’s Sports Medicine physicians understand athletes’ unique nutritional, fitness, and safety needs.

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In addition to normal check-ups at the doctor’s, athletes need to have a team of specialists on hand to assist with sports-related injuries, recovery, and training. Luckily for Lexingtonians, we have UK HealthCare Sports Medicine to help athletes of all ages in our community. (Hint: Athletes, you’re going to want to bookmark this page.)

a woman runs on a treadmill with a man standing next to her

The team ensures athletes receive excellent care in a seamless, timely manner so they can return to the sports they love.

Photo provided by UK HealthCare

Their team of physicians, trainers, and physical therapists help athletes, weekend warriors, and active individuals of all ages stay in the game. How? We’re glad you asked.

Their sports medicine specialists and fellowship-trained surgeons are world-renowned for developing and implementing leading-edge techniques to diagnose, treat, research, and educate patients about bone and joint disorders. Thanks to their excellence, UK HealthCare has earned the title of the official sports medicine provider for the Lexington Sporting Club, UK Athletics, Georgetown College, EKU, Fayette County Public Schools, + others.

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Coach Stoops relies on the UK HealthCare Sports Medicine team to keep his players healthy.

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The UK HealthCare team also offers excellent resources to support Lexingtonians throughout the season, including:

  • Expert guidance: Find podcasts for parents, coaches, and active adults to dive deep on injury prevention, concussions, pain relief, and nutrition.
  • Full range of injury care: Take advantage of UK HealthCare’s Sports Medicine specialist’s full range of care for adults and children, which includes initial injury assessment, medical treatments, and if necessary, surgery, and sports rehabilitation, by calling (859) 218-3131 to schedule an appointment.
  • Walk-in care: Injuries do happen, which is why UK HealthCare Sports Medicine offers two walk-in clinics, one in Lexington and the other in Georgetown, that specifically cater to athletes (elementary school-aged children to older adults with active lifestyles).
Dr. Johnson stands smiling with his arms crossed

Dr. Darren Johnson is a nationally-recognized physician in the field of sports medicine, particularly in complex knee surgery, and has spent the past 25 years caring for orthopaedic patients at UK HealthCare.

Photo provided by UK HealthCare

Visit the UK HealthCare Sports Medicine Walk-in Clinic for urgent sports injuries Monday through Friday from 7- 8 a.m. at UK HealthCare-Turfland (2195 Harrodsburg Rd.). If you’d like to make an appointment with a Sports Medicine specialist, call (859) 218-3131. Learn more.


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