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Try This: Women’s Worth Alliance

Talking about money can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be when you join in on this finance-focused women’s networking group.

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LEX GPPW Women's Worth Alliance

The Women’s Worth Alliance provides a welcoming + supportive space to share and connect. | Photo by LEXtoday

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Hey, y’all — Molly here. I had the pleasure of joining Gratz Park Private Wealth’s Women’s Worth Alliance networking event last month. It was an evening full of connection, support + sharing, all around one theme: money.

Did that word just make you wince? That’s not surprising.

Studies show that 80% of women investors avoid discussing money because they feel uncomfortable or the topic is too personal. The Women’s Worth Alliance aims to break down those walls + help women gain confidence on their financial journey.

A table full of charcuterie boards and appetizers.

Attendees are treated to delicious appetizers + wine. | Photo by Rollins Studio

MR MATHEWS/Rollins Studio

What we tried:

The evening started with ~30 minutes of mingling for attendees to network, sip wine, and enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres. Gratz Park Private Wealth President Sherry Holley welcomed us to the front room — which looks like the comfy living room of my dreams — where we heard from three different women who shared their money stories, discussing themes like:

  • Bold decisions
  • Grit + perseverance
  • Servant’s attitude

What not to miss:

The sense of connection + support you feel. When the different guests shared their stories, you could sense the engagement and understanding of the group. It also provided a sense of empowerment to not be ashamed of your own money story, no matter what part of the journey you’re on.

    A group of women networking

    Gratz Park Private Wealth provides a comfortable space for attendees to meet + network. | Photo by LEXtoday

    What we’re still talking about:

    Did we tell you that this opportunity for engagement is free? Yep, there is no cost to you, just a willingness to get comfortable meeting new people + gain confidence discussing money.

    How you can experience this:

    The group meets once a quarter, so just four times a year. Reach out to the team at Gratz Park Private Wealth to learn how to join.

    Things to know if you go:

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