Hear the untold stories of Lexington’s enslaved peoples

The art initiative aims to showcase the impact abolitionists

An outdoor space with a podium, speaker, a sign that reads, "Learn About Lexington's Untold Stories" and a flag that says, "LexArts."

The new art initiative aims to shine a light on the often untold history of Lexington’s enslaved peoples. | Photo by LEXtoday

Following years of delays, a massive art project on the corner of Limestone and Fourth Streets is finally coming to fruition.

LexArts and the Lexington Freedom Train Memorial committee announced that after nearly 100 global submissions, they have identified four potential artists to design an art installation that memorializes abolitionists Lewis and Harriet Hayden.

The Haydens, who escaped enslavement in Kentucky via the Underground Railroad, later became leaders in the anti-slavery movement. Fun fact: Lewis would later become the first Black man elected to the Massachusetts legislature.

The community is invited to meet the nationally recognized artists who will present their ideas on Wednesday, March 13 at 6 p.m. at the Lyric Theatre & Cultural Arts Center.

The monument unveiling will coincide with Lexington’s 250th anniversary celebration in 2025.

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