Artist announced + new sculpture unveiled for Old Frankfort Pike corridor

A tall sculpture with three metal beams meeting at the top with a nest and colorful lines coming out with sunflowers surrounding the base.

The Louisville-based artist also has work at UK’s Singletary Center. | Artist rendering by Dave Caudill

A new original sculpture will make its home on Old Frankfort Pike later this year. After a months-long search, Louisville artist Dave Caudill was selected to create the artwork near the entrance of the Lexington Detention Center.

Mayor Linda Gorton said that the proposal, dubbed “The Birth of Hope,” reflects, recognizes, and pays tribute to individuals that are incarcerated, as well as the public servants that work there.

“This work of art will be a beacon of hope and renewal to those who come and go from the Detention Center, and will add to the rich history of our arts community,” Gorton said.

“The Birth of Hope” features three beams joined at the top, with a nest and colorful flames bursting through the top.

“This sculpture and its theme will become an icon for the facility, and will help further the recognition of the Detention Center as a positive force in Lexington,” said Caudill.

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