Fully equipped bar for sale in downtown Lexington

Now is your opportunity to own your own bar in downtown Lexington.

A photo looking inside the Horse & Jockey through a window.

Could you be the owner of Lexington’s newest downtown hotspot? | Photo by @femibranded

Have you ever wanted to own your own bar or restaurant? Well, you’re in luck.

The well-established Horse & Jockey Pub, located at 113 Cheapside in the heart of downtown, is for sale.

Keep in mind the building itself is not for sale, just the business. Here’s what you’ll get for the price tag of $499,000:

  • 4,792 sqft of space
  • A fully-equipped bar + commercial-grade kitchen
  • A spacious outdoor patio area with perfect visibility to catch the Saturday farmers market crowd
  • An already loyal customer base
  • All furnishings and equipment like the iconic tin tiles and velvet cushions

Tell us, if you were to buy this space, what would you put in there? What ideas do you have? What menu items would you feature? Let us know.

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