Remembering Fayette County’s historical hamlets

Learn about and share your stories on Fayette County’s 20+ historical hamlets.

A commemorative Juneteenth flag flying in downtown Lexington.

The program will officially launch on Juneteenth, Monday, June 19.

Photo by Amy Wallot

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Tomorrow at 6:30 p.m., the community is invited to Jimtown Baptist Church at 2236 Jimtown Ln. to remember, share stories, provide input, and celebrate the history of Fayette County’s Rural Black Hamlets.

This is the first gathering that is part of a new campaign known as “A Sense of Place.” The steering committee for the campaign was created to help educate city council members + the public on the history of the hamlets.

What is a hamlet?

Hamlets are communities known as places of religious, educational, and civic life that provide resources for residents — think churches, schools, grocery stores, and lodge halls.

The steering committee has identified more than 20 historic hamlets in Fayette County and will use the forums to ensure they are celebrated, respected, and commemorated.

The series will officially launch on Juneteenth, which is Monday, June 19.

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