Name this Lexington, KY Neighborhood

We’ve removed the landmarks from this neighborhood in the Horse Capital of the World so you can put your knowledge to the test.

A map of a neighborhood in Lexington with street names + businesses blocked out.

Don’t get too comfortable, we’re starting off easy with this neighborhood. | Screenshot via Google Maps

Do you know your local neighborhoods, Lexingtonians? Prove it.

We’ve got a new game ready for you, and it’s called “Name this Neighborhood.” The instructions are simple: based on the limited information in the above map, tell us which Lexington neighborhood is pictured.

We know our readers are pretty map-savvy, so we made it a bit more challenging by whiting out the names of the area’s landmarks. If you’re feeling extra brainy this morning, get those brownie points by naming as many landmarks + streets as you can.

If you’ve figured it out, let us know and make sure to give us feedback on the difficulty level.