Meet the dynamic trio of student + local government engagement

You don’t have to be 18 to make a difference in your local government.


Lexington’s local government has departments designed to help improve the quality of life for its citizens. | Photo by Femi Branded

What do you get when you put together local civic organizations with our public schools? We’d like to think of it as the public service dream team.

Today, CivicLex, Generation Citizen (GC), and Fayette County Public School (FCPS) officially announced its new partnership to help connect high schools students to our local government. By pairing education and programming, students can find ways to be an active + participating citizen — before they can even vote.

Taking CivicLex’s focus on local government education and GC’s work to bolster citizen activation, FCPS hopes that its 40,000+ students are prepared to “be active and engaged global citizens,” Superintendent Dr. Demetrus Liggins said in a press release.

The initiative will begin with six high schools, which will see:

  • A government teacher leading the program at each school
  • A curriculum that abides by the Kentucky State Academic Standards for Social Studies
  • Guidance for participating students