Counter Clocks honor Fayette County High School student with new scholarship

How the team is celebrating the memory of Trinity Gay.

Trinity Gay mural outside of Wild Health Field.

The mural will be covered as part of ongoing renovations to Wild Health Field. | Photo by LEXtoday

The Lexington Counter Clocks announced a new scholarship that will be awarded to one Fayette County High School senior every year.

The scholarship honors Trinity Gay, the beloved Lafayette student who was killed in 2016 by gunfire. Students eligible for the $1,500 annual scholarship must:

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Participate in an extra curricular activity or sport
  • Be involved in the community

As the daughter of Olympic medalist Tyson Gay, Trinity was known for her love of track + field. To celebrate her legacy, a 30-foot mural outside of Wild Health Field was created after her death. However, as the field undergoes major renovations, the mural will be covered and replaced with a plaque featuring the names of scholarship recipients, as well as a bronze baton in honor of Trinity.

Keep an eye out on the Counter Clocks social media to see when applications open for the scholarship.

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