Meet GreenRoom Exchange

GreenRoom Exchange aims to bring cultures and communities together by hosting international musical acts locally in Lexington.

A group of men standing with arms around each other surrounded my musical instruments

GreenRoom Exchange hosted Haitian singer + multi-instrumentalist Paul Beaubrun and his band last year. | Photo courtesy of GreenRoom Exchange

Grammy Award-winning musician Leo Genovese is bringing The Leo Genovese Trio to Transylvania University’s Carrick Theater this Sunday, March 17 at 6 p.m.

The group is coming to Lexington courtesy of Origins Jazz + local nonprofit GreenRoom Exchange.

Inspired by their international travels, Lee Carroll + Connie Milligan founded the GreenRoom Exchange to introduce Lexingtonians to unique cultures through “the universal language of music and art.”

The couple aims to create cross-cultural experiences by bringing global artists and musicians to Lexington to collaborate with local talent. Previous performances saw visitors from Cuba, Ghana, Senegal, and Venezuela.

“Connie and I hope to share some of the wonderful experiences of our travels with our friends here in Lexington,” said Carroll.

The Sunday’s show features Leo Genovese on the piano, Jeff Williams on the drums, and Francesco Marcocci on the bass. Secure your seats.

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