Meet the private dining club coming to North Broadway

The Melroy aims to open at 144 N. Broadway this summer.

The facade of the building with red brick and a round-shaped awning that will house The Melroy, a new dining club.

The Melroy will be located in the former Comedy On Broadway and a historic Masonic Temple. | Photo by LEXtoday

When you hear the phrase “dining club,” the first words that come to mind might be exclusive or invite-only. However, part of the ownership group of cocktail bar Creaux are working on what is expected to be a fresh take on the concept.

The Melroy is expected to open this summer at 144 N. Broadway. Notably, it wants to offer a private, yet social setting that varies from other invite-only, membership-based clubs. Instead, the space aims to be a more diverse “city club” according to Ieasha Allen, co-owner of the building.

“Lexington is growing, there are so many transplants, we need something entertainment-wise that wasn’t just dinner and a movie. All the nightclubs were still young, we need that third space,” Allen told the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Here’s what you can expect from the space:

  • Limited to 1,000 members plus their guests
  • Geared towards professionals 35+
  • City club + dining on the first floor
  • Short-term rentals on the third + fourth floors
  • A 4,300-sqft rooftop bar (expected to open next year)

Membership applications are expected to be available this month ahead of its slated June opening.
“The membership base will be made up of adult-professionals over 35 looking for curated entertainment options, gathering space to hold progressive conversations, and to connect through shared-experiences,” Allen continued. “Our members [will] include locals who are passionate, talented, worldly, kind, and genuinely interested in others.”

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