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How to create a financial plan in 5 steps

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Vermillion Private Wealth offers in-house portfolio management + financial planning tailored to you.

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Just thinking about a financial plan can be enough to trigger stress hormones — imagine being handed a two-inch thick, 150-page document to simply begin . To keep it simple (and stress-free), Vermillion Private Wealth created a one-page financial plan to help clients focus on the most important + impactful actions. 💵

What’s in a one-page plan?

Financial purpose: Your finances should align with your values, which is why Vermillion Private Wealth recommends starting with your “why.” Not sure what your values are? They’ll help you figure that out, too.

Goals: The “What.” These objectives are driven by your values + guide your actions. Whether saving for retirement, buying a second home, or leaving a family legacy, your goals provide targets to aim for.

Actions: The “How.” Think: What steps can you take in the coming six-12 months that will move you closer to your goals?

Important numbers: Seeing your net worth and other key metrics allows you to see where you are + track your progress over time.

Contingency Plan: As Mike Tyson famously pointed out, “Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the mouth.” Do you have adequate savings? Are you sufficiently insured? Vermillion Private Wealth will help make sure the basics are covered.

Isn’t that simple? VPW’s extensive plan is available if needed (but it rarely is). In most cases, less is more  — and allows you to focus on what truly matters.*

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