A new card game designed in Lexington

three men

The creators of High Noon Showdown | photo provided by Adventure Bros. Gaming

Recently, Lexington ComicCon came to town at the Central Bank Center, bringing with it a slew of celebrities from the comic book + pop culture worlds.

While names like William Daniels, John C. McGinley + Ron Pearlman all made the headlines, there were a few locals at the convention that flew under the radar. They were there showcasing a new card game that’s been conceptualized + designed right here in Lexington.

Daykin Schnell, Matthew Messer, and Brad Thomas are the creators of High Noon Showdown — a fast-paced, western-themed card game that’s designed to be played with three to eight players.

The trio met through a local gaming group in 2019. And just as their friendship + gaming group started to grow, the pandemic hit.

“We formed our own lockdown group and started throwing around the idea of designing our own game,” said Daykin.

The goal was to create a social game that would be easy to play, and also have the potential to bring groups of people back together after the lockdown.

Thus, High Noon Showdown was born.

In comparison, the game is similar to Spoons, but also very different.

To play:

  • Choose from 10 different western-themed characters, each with a different skillset
  • Try to collect four-of-a-kind or a straight to attack your opponent.
  • Incorporate expansion packs + bonus cards once initial gameplay is mastered

The guys have started a Kickstarter campaign for High Noon Showdown with the goal of raising $11,000 to go towards manufacturing costs.

The project is 56% funded with five days left until the campaign closes on Mon., April 11.

If you’d like to try out the game for yourself, the creators will be at the Rusty Scabbard (820 Lane Allen Rd.) tonight at 6:30 p.m. to showcase the game + teach people how to play.

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