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The Girls Academy League + Lexington Sporting Club Logos | graphic provided by Lexington S.C.

Lexington Sporting Club announced it will be joining the Girls Academy League this fall, adding a girls’ youth program under its umbrella. This is the latest announcement from the professional soccer club that is kicking its way into our city and hearts. Let’s recap.
Last month, Lexington S.C. also announced the merger of two longstanding youth soccer clubsLexington FC + Commonwealth Soccer Club — to be housed under its name. The youth program aims to develop players’ talent on the field through creativity, confidence, and flair, but to also ensure the athletes are respectful and successful off the field.

“This program is the foundation of our football club. Our goal is to have up to 70% homegrown players on the team,” said Sam Stockley, Sporting Director.

He added the organization wants to be inclusive of all players and levels. “Everyone will get the same treatment and love and opportunity to flourish in their own time. We want to make sure at each age + phase of their development, they’re not losing out on anything. This will give the players the ability to succeed in the program how they want,” he said.

The girls’ program will compete in the Girls Academy League + will have teams at these levels:

  • U16-U19 Pathway to the Pros
  • U13-U15 Preparation Phase
  • U11-U12 Technical Refinement Phase
  • U7-U10 Skill Acquisition Phase

Pre-registration is open now for Lexington S.C.’s Youth Club Talent Identification sessions which will take place in May + June.

Like you, we’re anxiously awaiting news on the plans for the proposed soccer stadium on High Street. Lexington S.C. is waiting for feedback after submitting the RFP, but said they are committed to building a multi-field training complex + stadium.

Pro tip: Season tickets for the inaugural season are on sale now.

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