Lexington Public Arts Commission Collaborative Program

A large mural featuring two bulls nudging heads with flowers and birds around them

Our cows need the spotlight too. | Photo courtesy of PRHBTN

The city of Lexington is looking to add a little more color and creativity to town — and you’re invited to help design it. Mayor Linda Gorton announced the creation of a new Collaborative Program, a goal of its Public Art Master Plan unveiled last year.

The program will be led by Lexington’s Public Arts Commission which promotes, encourages, and invests in free-to-experience art in public spaces.

“Art is a very important part of our culture in Lexington. Public artwork entertains, inspires, educates, and often influences us to ignite change in our community,” said Mayor Gorton.

Applications are encouraged from local artists, neighborhood associations, city departments, businesses, non-profits, and community groups + will be accepted throughout the year. Learn more about the specific timelines and FAQs, here.

The art will be created on city property + funding will be completed through the city’s Percent for Art Fund.

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