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Putting your LEXtoday knowledge to the test

Unwritten rules, Lexington’s largest mansion, and happy hours deals ruled the LEXtoday headlines this year.

Two women stand in front of a large sign that says "LEX Lexington, Kentucky"

City Editors Molly + Aayat have worked hard this year to bring you informative, fun, and uplifting news. | Photo by LEXtoday

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As the new year approaches, and in the spirit of nostalgia, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to revisit some of our top stories and social posts of 2023. Consider this your final exam. Read carefully to see if you can answer one question about each story/post.

🗞️ Top articles

Unwritten rules of Lexington
You all had very strong opinions on what it means to be a Lexingtonian. For example — Do you know the other name for New Circle Road?

A brief overview of new developments
Developments are happening around Lexington all the time, but you all were particularly interested about UK’s newest education building. How much did the building cost?

Happy hour deals
It’s no surprise, but you all were very much on the hunt for the best happy hour deals around Lexington. Which downtown bar has a cocktail called One More Thyme?

25 great brunch restaurants to try
Brunch is the great equalizer, and our brunch guide was especially enticing to our readers. Which spot is known for its Frosted Flake-coated PB+J?

An aerial shot of mansion surrounded by colorful fall trees with a big courtyard

The perfect amount of space for horse drawn carriages and Rolls Royces. | Photo by Jeff Walker

📱 Top social posts

Small gift idea: $14.5 million mansion
It might be too late to snag this one for a Christmas gift, but — do you know which road the house in this post (the largest house in Kentucky, btw) is located?

Cardinal Run Park North
Our readers always love the outdoors, so it’s no surprise that the groundbreaking of a new park resonated many of you. How many acres will the new park be?

Imagine New Circle
Another thing we know you’re passionate about is our roads, particularly their accessibility + safety. What did 95% of survey respondents say they value the most for this project?

Groundbreaking of Town Branch Park
The beginnings of our own Central Park had the town abuzz this summer when ground finally broke on the Town Branch Park. What’s the estimated cost of the park?

That’s your crash course. Now, put your LEXtoday knowledge to the test with our 2023 quiz.