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Soak up the sun with spring flower walks

We’re all going frolicking.

Blooming yellow wildflowers can be found across Lexington parks.

You belong among the wildflowers. | Photo courtesy of @clbris4

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Whether they bring you serenity or make you sneeze, we can all appreciate Kentucky’s flowers. We’ve found the best spots around town for floral views that will have you thinking you’re among the sakura blooms of Japan.

Pro tip: Check out our guide to Lexington parks before planning your trip to see what other amenities are in store.

Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, 3885 Raven Run Way

  • Go: Raven Run is the hiking gem of Fayette County, boasting 10 miles of hiking trails across 734 acres overlooking the Kentucky River.
  • See: Hike the Yellow Trail for premium wildflower views, such as Blue-eyed Mary, trillium, lilies, and wild hyacinth.
A view of cherry blossom trees.

The cherry blossoms blooming at Lexington Cemetery. | Photo by @kathy77777

Lexington Cemetery, 833 W. Main St.

  • Go: The moment you step foot into Lexington Cemetery in the heart of town, you’re welcomed with countless opportunities to frolic among the flowers. Check out historical sites such as Henry Clay’s mausoleum and a bicentennial tree that is older than the U.S. Constitution.
  • See: Check out Lexington’s most famous spot for cherry blossom trees, as well as magnolias + tulips in the flower garden.

The Arboretum State Botanical Garden of Kentucky, 500 Alumni Dr.

  • Go: Explore 100 acres of native and horticultural plant collections.
  • See: Roses, lavender, bee balm + wild bergamot can be seen across one of four gardens.

Floracliff Nature Sanctuary, 8000 Elk Lick Falls Rd.

  • Go: Floracliff is a 346-acre nonprofit nature preserve that is only open for guided hikes + events.
  • See: Virginia bluebells, pink lady’s slipper, bloodroot + saxifrage make this sanctuary one-of-a-kind.

McConnell Springs Park, 416 Rebmann Ln.

  • Go: Stretching 26 acres just down the road from the Distillery District, this nature sanctuary has unique springs, bird-watching opportunities, and routine programming for all ages.
  • See: Wildflowers, milkweed + Eastern Redbud trees are riddled throughout the park.
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