A thank you card to Lexington

We asked, and you answered. Here’s why community members are grateful for Lexington.

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Thanks for all the fun + beauty you provide us, Lexington. | Graphic by LEXtoday

Dear reader,
Thank you for being a dedicated follower of LEXtoday. We are grateful for you. And in this season of gratitude and giving thanks, we thought it would be fun to write a thank you card to our sweet city of Lexington.

In a previous newsletter, and on social media, we asked you to share why you are thankful for Lexington. Here are your (and our) answers —

“I am thankful for Lexington because I believe we have a local government that works to enrich the lives of all Lexingtonians in a responsible and equitable way — from creating an LGBTQ+ resource page, to implementing the Racial Justice and Equality Commission + investing in parks across the city.” — City Editor Aaron

“I am thankful for Lexington’s local business owners and the Downtown Lexington Management District ambassadors for providing positive + unique experiences for locals and visitors alike.⁠" — City Editor Molly

“Thank you, Lexington for your big city feel in a small town! We moved downtown for the walkability to restaurants and activities — there’s always something going on.” — Reader Melinda S.

“I am thankful for the people that I have met while living in Lexington. Some are acquaintances, some friends, and some really great friends. I especially am grateful that I can drive 5 minutes or less and see beautiful farms with amazing horses romping around.” — Reader Jennifer D.

“They welcomed me when I moved here alone for a new job during the lockdown, had the perfect house for me, and everyone was so very nice! I knew I was home.” — @suz_woj

“Thank you, Lexington for the natural beauty & friendly faces.” —@gretchen.farah

“I’m thankful for Lexington because of its unparalleled beauty.” @ditravelfan

“Being such an intelligent, progressive, and welcoming city” — @stacy.l.yelton

“The local one-of-a-kind businesses…. Not many other cities #supportlocal like we do and there’s a certain pride about that.” — @rachelmelam

“All the good eats” — @erinnoliver

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