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3 unique facts about Pivot Brewing

Pivot Brewing Company has some unique features to its brewery that you might not know about — solar panels, experimental ciders, and approachable beers.

Pivot Brewing

Pivot Brewing Company offers both craft beer and craft cider.

Pivot Brewing

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Hey, y’all. Aaron here.

I recently took a brewery tour at Pivot Brewing Co., 1400 Delaware Ave., because I wanted to learn more about its brewing process. And boy, did I learn some cool stuff.

Here are three unique things you might not know about Pivot Brewing Co.

A roof covered in solar panels.

This solar panel at Pivot Brewing can operate up to 85% in solar efficiency. | Photo courtesy of Pivot Brewing

Solar Power

Pivot’s building is designed to maximize the efficiency of its solar panels — from the angle of the roof down to the materials used in the build. Last year, 85% of Pivot’s energy usage was covered by solar, making it one of, if not the most, energy-efficient breweries in the state.

Fun fact: Most food trucks can plug directly into the building, drawing energy from Pivot.


This unique cider press gives Pivot full control of its cider’s flavor during the brewing process.

Pivot Brewing Company


Pivot doesn’t use pre-pressed juice. It presses its own apples using an Austrian press, one of only two or three in the country. This method allows for control over the quality + quantity of apples — like controlling sweetness levels. This kind of control allows Pivot to get pretty funky with its cider recipes.

Editor’s choice: Be on the lookout for “Off Trail” — a chai-spiced cider that’s perfect for sitting around a fall campfire.


Pivot beers are brewed to be classic, approachable beers.

Pivot Brewing Company


When you go to snag a beer, you probably won’t find a blueberry sour aged in the horn of a unicorn for two full moons + brewed with alien space hops. You’ll find approachable beers — like an ale or a lager.

What we see a lot of,” said head brewer Benjamin Morgan, “is that one person will come in to try our newest crazy cider style + their significant other will say, ‘I just want a beer.’” Don’t get it twisted, though. Sticking with classic styles doesn’t mean sacrificing craft.

If you’re curious about learning more about the processes mentioned above, Pivot offers a free brewery tour every Friday evening at 5:30 p.m.

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