Look up: September night sky highlights

From super moons to visible planets, there’s a lot to look at in the night sky this month.

A full moon rising over the Natural Bridge State Resort Park.

I see a bad moon rising. | Photo by @billy.hikes

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With the Fall Equinox right around the corner — at 2:50 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 23 to be exact — J&H Outdoors is helping to keep us in the loop of all the happenings of the night sky.

So look up, Lexington, there’s some out-of-this-world stuff to see.

Thursday, Sept. 13

For the first time in 400+ years, Comet Nishimura could be visible in the north-northeast horizon.

Monday, Sept. 18-Tuesday, Sept. 19

Look to the east for your best opportunity to see Neptune as it will be stationed directly between the Earth and the sun.

Friday, Sept. 22

Mercury, the planet we love to blame for everything, will be most visible just before sunrise in the east and can continue being seen through the end of the month.

Thursday, Sept. 28-Friday, Sept. 29

Look out for the larger-than-average Super Harvest Moon beginning at sunset.

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