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Try This: Prep for the holidays with help from Kroger

From floral arrangements to artisanal cheeses to the Merry Market, here’s how a trip to Kroger can help you get holiday-ready.

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a man with a sweater

Kroger has everything you need to throw a great holiday party — even ugly holiday sweaters. | Photo by LEXtoday

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Hey, y’all — Aaron here. I ran out to make a quick grocery trip to Kroger this weekend to pick up a few items for my family’s holiday party, and my quick grocery trip turned into an entire holiday experience. I had no idea that Kroger would offer everything I needed to host the ultimate holiday party — from floral centerpieces down to ugly holiday sweaters.

Here’s what I experienced and how you can Try This:


Kroger’s floral displays and centerpieces are professionally and thoughtfully designed. | Photo by LEXtoday


    The gorgeous floral arrangements are what first caught my eye walking in. Colors that stunning are hard to miss.

    • Need to know: Kroger sends several employees from its floral department to complete the Floral Education Program of Kentucky. This helps to ensure its holiday centerpieces are thoughtfully constructed as pieces of artwork.
    • Pricing: $9.99 and up

    The best parties always have the best cheese selections. | Photo by LEXtoday


    You can’t call it a real holiday party without a wide selection of artisanal cheeses.

    • Need to know: Just like the floral department, Kroger sends a handful of its employees to the American Cheese Society to pass the Certified Cheese Professional Exambasically making them the equivalent of wine sommeliers.
    • Pro tip: The dedicated cheese section at Kroger is called Murray’s Cheese + the employees there can help you create customized charcuterie boards as well as assist with wine pairings.


    At the Kroger bakery, you can have your cake(or pie) and eat it too. It really has an offering for everyone — gluten-free goodies, custom holiday-themed treats, and even half-and-half pie options.


    Shopping for the holiday roast beast can be stressful, but Kroger makes the process easy. | Photo by LEXtoday

    What not to miss:

    The meat and seafood options. Listen — I get it. Cooking the main course for the holidays can be stressful. But after chatting with Kroger’s specialists, I feel so much more confident about it.

    • Need to know: Kroger can help you choose the right amount of meat to purchase for your party. Just let them know how many people will be attending and they can make a recommendation on how many pounds you might need.
    • Details: Prime rib, shrimp, and even crab legs — there’s a unique option for every kind of party, making you the hostess with the mostest.
    • Pro tip: After you get a head count, call in your order — it’ll be waiting on you when you get there.

    From the truck to the shelves — Kroger’s produce never sits in the back cooler for long, meaning it’s always fresh for everyone. | Photo by LEXtoday

    What we’re still talking about:

    I’ve been shopping for produce from Kroger for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I learned just how much thought and care went into its inventory to ensure freshness.

    • Details: Inventory management is key. Kroger ensures that food gets unloaded from the truck to the shelves quickly, never sitting in the cooler for a long time.

    How you can experience this:

    Head to your local Kroger store to get help with any party needs or order your holiday dinner. After you’ve finished shopping, don’t forget to swing by Kroger’s Merry Market — it’s great for holiday decorating inspiration, and the in-store displays are sure to help you get into the holiday spirit.

    Pro tip: Look for items wrapped with cute red bows, which make great last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers.

    the inside of a store

    Kroger’s holiday displays are great for getting some decoration inspiration. Photo by LEXtoday

    Things to know if you go:

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