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Answered: The best burgoo in and around Lexington

Burgoo. Basketball. Battlestar Galactica.

A cup of burgoo on top of a Keeneland catalogue.

Introducing your winner, Keeneland Burgoo. | Photo by Becca Parington

In the spirit of cozy season, we asked y’all, “Where can we find the best burgoo in Lexington?” The savory stew is a staple of Kentucky, and thanks to the 57 of you who answered, we have a pretty clear winner — Keeneland.

Let’s recap the questions + share some answers.

Have you ever tried burgoo?

  • Yes, it’s the best: 45
  • No, but I could be convinced: 9
  • Burgoo? Never heard of her: 3

Where can we get the best burgoo in Lexington or the surrounding counties?

While Keeneland was the clear frontrunner with 30 votes, our readers had several other suggestions for finding the best of this meaty Kentucky delicacy:

How readers describe the burgoo at Keeneland?

“It’s thick and a well-balanced blend of meats and the veggies.” — Mel B.

“The epitome of Kentucky is going to Keeneland — enjoying the historic surroundings, gorgeous views, the horses, betting and donating (ha), and people watching, all while enjoying delicious burgoo. It doesn’t get better than that!” — Becky E.

“Great way to stay warm when it’s cold outside.” — Brian R.

“Hearty, delicious, straightforward.” — Lee A.

“Hearty, flavorful, satisfying. Perfect on a fall day at the races.” — Amy O.

“It goes great with the local beers and the best horse racing in the world.” — Danny G.

And finally, one of our favorite answers that perfectly summarizes what burgoo means to our great Commonwealth:

“It’s very good (full of meat and steamy hot), and the atmosphere is great! Pure Kentucky!” — Debbie S.

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