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FCPS reveals tentative budget for 2024-2025 school year

Fayette County Public Schools states that 73% of the general budget will go back into schools and classrooms.

LEX Fayette County Public Schools District Office

FCPS is focusing on supporting the wellness of students and staff with this tentative budget. | Photo provided by FCPS

The Fayette County Board of Education has approved the tentative ~$809 million 2024-2025 budget — which has an emphasis on improving daily operations and supporting the wellness of students + staff.

The budget is broken down into five categories:

  • General Fund | $671.6 million to go toward next school year’s daily operations, including pay for employees, cost of utilities and materials, as well pay for contracted workers
  • Building Fund | $55.5 million to go toward new constructions, renovations, and land purchases
  • Special Revenue Fund | $42.8 million to go toward revenue sources that are legally restricted by external entities
  • Food Service Fund | $36 million to go toward supporting school meal programs
  • Capital Outlay Fund | $3.8 million to be used for debt redemption and/or capital improvement

Since the general fund makes up a primary portion of the total budget, let’s break down where the money may be allocated.

An exterior shot of Morton Middle School with white columns and gray brick.

The current Morton Middle School was built in 1938 + completely renovated in 2002. | Photo by LEXtoday


Classroom instruction, the methods or strategies used to teach curriculum, make up 57.7% of the general fund — the primary source for everyday operations for schools. This covers the costs of how teachers and students interact through materials, supplies, and technology.

Staff + student support services

Around $74.1 million (~11%) of the general fund is expected to go toward supporting staff + students in professional and educational growth. For instance, the $33.4 million for staff services aims to help improve curriculum development, as well as library and media services.

District + school administrative support services

School administrative and district support make up 5.6% and 1.2% of the general budget, respectively. For school admins, this means the money will be reserved for the responsibilities of the principal and others involved in the overall management of the school. Similarly, the district budget helps support the responsibilities of the Superintendent, Board of Education, and other executive-related roles.

Plant operation + maintenance

Approximately $53.5 million of the general fund will help support the staff that keep school grounds clean, comfortable, and safe. It also includes the cost of repairs and security for school campuses.

Business support services

The $36.8 million of this portion of the general fund goes toward supporting operations such as:

  • Human resources
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Printing, posting, and telecommunications


According to the FCPS website, this iteration of the budget is focused on supporting more benefits and wellness initiatives for all staff and students. More specifically, portions of the budget include:

  • A $250 supply budget for each classroom teacher
  • A $5.8 million investment into the adoption of new districtwide English Language Arts and Math curriculum
  • Around $1.7 million to support dual-credit opportunities and the district’s “Grow Your Own” program
  • $900,000 for the Audrey Grevious Center, a collaborative effort between FCPS + Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government to offer educational and therapeutic services for adjudicated youths
  • Staffing costs for two new schools: The Hub for Innovative Learning & Leadership (The HILL) and Mary E. Britton Middle School

“This year’s budget demonstrates our commitment to our students and the exceptional employees who dedicate themselves to supporting and educating them every day,” said Superintendent Demetrus Liggins.